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The Ultimate Guide to Web-Conferencing

Communicate effectively with anyone, anywhere and future proof your business via seamless web-conferencing solutions.

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Now is the time to future-proof your business communication

Thankfully, the AV technology organisations need for our new reality is already available. Video-conferencing, in particular, will help businesses communicate effectively in an increasingly virtual world. However, these solutions can also place a significant burden on your business if not understood and implemented correctly.

What you will learn:

  • How AV technology can help you improve communication in the virtual age
  • How to collaborate seamlessly via web-conferencing
    • The benefits of effective video-conferencing solutions
    • How to optimise your spaces for web-meetings
    • How to select the right camera, microphone and speaker for your space and use cases
  • How to leverage video walls in your business:
    • How video walls help you WOW, inform and engage your audience
    • The differences between LCDs, LEDs and Projectors
    • How to identify best-in-class video wall solutions
  • How to get AV solutions right in your business

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This guide will tell you everything you need to know about web-conferencing, as well as video walls, another popular AV technology – and how to make sure any investments in these areas deliver excellent returns.

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Organisations that want to stay relevant throughout and beyond the current global crisis need to start preparing for a new future now

We currently live in a changed and uncertain world. There is a lot of talk about when things will go back to normal, but the reality is, for many businesses, things will probably never go back to the way they were.

  • While workers will eventually return to offices, this time away will have shown many what is possible via remote working and will increase demand for anytime, anywhere communication solutions.
  • It will likely take years before business travel will be as accessible again as it used to be. Therefore, it will be more critical than ever that businesses have effective ways to communicate and collaborate across distances.
  • Customers and prospects will get used to engaging with businesses from the comfort of their home or own office and will likely be more reluctant to travel for meetings.
  • Schools and education providers need to get ready for virtual teaching – not just as a response to the current situation, but also to safe costs and extend reach.

"Syndeticom have worked alongside us to design, implement and support our large venue audio and visual needs. The team are very professional and knowledgeable. We have been very satisfied with the outcome of each installation and feedback from users has always been how simple the interface is to control the rooms."


St Aloysius' College


"Syndeticom has been our telecommunications provider for the past 4 years. Their knowledge and attention to quality has been invaluable to us, resulting in a smooth transition with minimal fuss. Most importantly, their after-sales support is of the highest standard. They are a true business partner."


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