Migrating to a cloud communications platform

Learn everything you need to know about cloud communication platforms, their critical role in business continuity and disaster recovery ­and how to migrate to a cloud based phone system.

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Cloud phone systems are the future of business communications

Cloud phone systems offer organisations numerous benefits, ranging from cost-efficiencies to increased reliability and security, support for remote working, the removal of on-site hardware hassles and many more.

This guide explains the benefits of cloud communication systems, helps you assess whether they are the best solution for your business and outlines how to go about selecting the right provider. Most importantly, it shows that there is nothing scary about cloud communication.

What you will learn:

  1. What cloud communication platforms are and how they are different from traditional, hosted systems
  2. The benefits of cloud phone systems
  3. Whether a cloud communication platform is right for your business
  4. When to migrate to a cloud communication system
  5. How to select the right supplier for your customised cloud-based phone system

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